since 2003, ULI developed the first domestic professional fine engraving machine to 2014, ULI-CNC more accelerated pace of development of new models! 15 years of hard work..... and more

Products Application
Full automation is the only choice to reduce costs, increase productivity, increase efficiency, and become bigger and st...
Science and Technology Development LeaderForce is always at the forefront of the industry.Fifteen years ago, we develope...
Force changes the worldExcellent industries require excellent equipment, and giant series products follow suit.It will c...
Large-scale cutting program providerFor sofa cutting, produce 100-300 sofas every day!
Furniture: Panel, office furniture, wooden doors, cabinetsWood products: speakers, game cabinets, computer tables, sewin...
High-precision carving brand with a high market shareSince 2003, Shanghai Force has developed a professional precision e...
Large wood mold, foam mold processing weapon!Fast speed, high precision, strong stability!
The three-dimensional scanner really solves the design difficulties, the difficulty of copying and more!The ULI thr...
Furniture production 
Five-axis machining wood model Five-axis metal machiningRobotic stone processingAutomotive moldPlate cutting
Craftsstone carvingWood Buddha StatueEuropean style chair feet
Wooden doors銆丆abinet doorsWave board銆丏ecoration decorationLarge aluminum cutting 銆乤dvertisement signboard
3D Laser Scanner - Rosewood FurnitureLaser Scanner Imaging File3DL camera type 3D scannerCrafts


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